• What's Gonna Happen

    What to look forward to at VegFest Pilipinas 2017?

    Veg Moves

    Move your body with the different fitness activities on Nov 18-19, 8am to 10am.

    Veg Workshops

    Learn more vegan recipes from Astig Vegan, Kitchen Revolution, Jertie's Kitchen, and The Healthy Pinay

    Veg Talks

    Learn more about zero waste living, urban gardening, raising vegan children, the impact of saving animals, and shifting consciousness.

    Vegan Expo

    Support the small businesses joining VegFest Pilipinas 2017. We've got pastries, dessert, savory dishes, Filipino food, Mexican food, vegan cheese, cookies, cakes, juices, coconut water, cashew milk, pizza, burgers, and vegan ice cream. We've also got shirts, make-up, soaps, essential oils, coconut oil, and blenders.

    Veg Live

    We'll entertain you with live music as well as our legendary VegFest Pilipinas Quiz Night.

  • SIFCare Philippines

    Meet our 2017 Beneficiary

    SIFCare Philippines

    SIFCare or the Science of Identity Foundation Community Assistance for Responsible Existence is the humanitarian arm of the Science of Identity Foundation working for the development of enlightened, happy individuals and communities through various programs cultivating
    wisdom, spiritual love and compassion.

    SIFCare's Mission

    Our mission is to promote the cultivation of wisdom, spiritual love,
    compassion, and actions motivated by such compassion in the service
    of mankind and the environment.

    Go Palakas Feeding Program

    Go Palakas is a feeding and nurturing program for malnourished children. Kids greatly enjoy singing fun songs about good veggies, listening to gems of wisdom on values, eating nourishing food, doing breathing exercises and jumping jacks. In certain schools, kids are taught soccer to gain strength and discipline. A complete program that covers the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of young children. We feed not just the belly but also the heart and mind of children. Happier and healthier kids graduate at the end of the term.

    SIFCare Philippines

    Learn more about SIFCare Philippines at http://sifcare.org/

    Learn more about SIFCare Go Palakas at http://sifcare.org/cause/gopalakas/

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